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Centera Photonics Inc. was established in June, 2010; main office location is in Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Centera Photonics Inc. is an optoelectronic SoC(system on chip) design house specialized in silicon photonic device designs, development and technology integrations. Centera Photonics designs, manufactures and sells optical interconnect modules and OE-ICs for high performance optical communications.

We differentiate ourselves through the designs of optoelectronic system and sub-systems over silicon MEMS platforms. Our design team was a spinoff from prominent research institute in Taiwan. Along with our semiconductor fabrication expertise, we manufacture optoelectronic devices via (silicon) wafer level process at very high precision and small form factors. Target markets are data networking, mobile phones, PC (personal computer) peripherals, home entertainment systems and consumer electronics. Primary applications in target markets include QSFP on short-reach LANs and SANs, Light Peak (Thunderbolt™), cellular phones MIPI® standards and audio/video HDMI™ standards.

Centera Photonics, together with its OEM foundry partners, will continue to improve its product quality by quality management system (QMS), continuous improvement plans (CIP), audit and certifications towards total customer satisfactions. Our vision is to provide the most prominent photonic products on silicon by our state-of-art designs and cutting edge production technologies to meet next generation communication needs.

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