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Choosing us to invest your time and to employ your talents is one of the most important decisions of your life.
If you want to be an innovative leader, Centera, a strong company with abundant resource, is able to offer you
significant opportunities and reward your contributions through excellent compensation and benefits, career
enhancement and continuous learning. When you join Centera, you are choosing to be part of a successful,
global leader in technology — a company offering the most competitive and comprehensive products and
services portfolio in optical interconnects. You can rely on our quality and become part of our future. Positioned
for significant global growth, we continue to acquire expertise and invest in innovative and aggressive research
and development. If you are ready to become part of this valuable competitive advantage, we can help you
succeed as part of our highly-skilled, experienced and talented workforce. Whether you’re ready to graduate
and to begin your career, or you are an experienced professional looking for a new opportunity, we offer the
environment — with the types of technology, products, and support — that can change your life.

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