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Optical-Electrical System Design
Technology-Semiconductor MEMS Technology for Optical Interconnects
Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)
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Centera Photonics Inc. dedicates on developing Optical Interconnect SIP (System in Package) by semiconductor MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) technology to fabricate micro optics on silicon wafers and integration of the optical-mechanical-electrical designs to system level. Centera provides an innovative technology platform for high performance, multi-channel optical interconnects with features of small form factor, high precision semiconductor process and supreme signal integrity. The optical-electrical platform also offers a gateway on migration of optical interconnect to next generation I/O requirement of super-high performance silicon PICs (photonic ICs).
Centera's Core Technologies
  Optical-Electrical System Design
  Semiconductor MEMS Technology for Optical Interconnects
  Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)

Centera has built an common optical engine platform with the following niches :
  Mature, reliable, and high accuracy semiconductor process
  Passive optical alignment, no lens needed
  Easy assembly, high yield expected
  Small form factor, fit any type connectors and board mount available

Centera offers the optical-electrical system integration as a common platform for customized applications as NREs to all customers
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