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Optical-Electrical System Design
Technology-Semiconductor MEMS Technology for Optical Interconnects
Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)
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Optical-Electrical System Design

The micro-optical electronic devices fabricated by Semiconductor MEMS process are the core of Centera’s optical engine. System Design has two major categories and is implemented by in-house design team:

High Frequency Design & Characterizations, including
    1.High frequency circuit design
    2.High frequency characterization
    3.High frequency PCB layout
    4.Full-wave simulation
    5.On-wafer measurement

Optical Design & Characterizations
    1.Ray tracing simulation
    2.Mirror-like reflector
    3.Beam propagation modeling
    4.Guided-mode characterization
    5.Active component characterization

Centera’s optical-electrical system designs effectively surpass the challenges from multi-channel system with high data rates. Optical crosstalk and electrical interferences introduced from parallel optical structure are minimized, specially under small dimensional constraints. Coupling efficiency of optical components to fibers have also been investigated to meet design goals and tolerance for volume production. Process design rules are defined for yield and tolerance considerations. Centera will offer the system design and integration as a common platform for customized applications to all customers as NREs
HF Design & Characterization Capability

Optical Design & Characterization Capability

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