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Optical-Electrical System Design
Technology-Semiconductor MEMS Technology for Optical Interconnects
Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)
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Technology-Semiconductor MEMS Technology for Optical Interconnects

Optical Engine on MEMS Processed Silicon
The optical engine is made by Centera’s unique MEMS process technology. The proprietary process monolithically builds highly integrated optical elements and electrical circuits on silicon wafers with high precision at competitive cost. Below listed are some elements achieved by lithography, etching, metal plating and sputtering processes :

-Metal trace, Isolation, TSV (through silicon via)
-Micro-Reflector, DOE (diffractive optical element), Wafer-Level Optics
-Nano-Optics Polymer/SOI waveguide

High-Speed Optical Transceivers
The assembly of High-Speed Optical Transceivers processes are developed by our experienced engineering team. Fabrication of the transceivers and active optical cables are at our contract manufacturers factories and well managed by Centera’s operation team.

Value Proposition - System Integration
The integration of highly complicated optical-electrical-mechanical system into a small form factor is Centera’s core value. Centera will offer customized based system integration to customers as NREs
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