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Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)
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Photonic System Integration (Opto-Electrical SIP)

System-in-Packaging (SiP) On-Board OE Module
The high-performance optical interconnect SIP (system in package) solutions offered by Centera are achieved by integrations of optical/mechanism design and MEMS processed devices. The solution is made possible via smart mechanism designs and high precision assemblies of optical components (VCSEL/PD), driver IC, Transimpedance Amplifier (TIA), controller, passive components and optical fibers. The SIP can be part of the whole transceiver module otherwise it can be tailored to fit the requirement of different applications, such as enterprise used QSFP transceiver and AOC or consumer products like Thunderbolts, TV Links and mobile devices. Advantages of On-Board SiP OE module

-Flexibility of high-speed routing
-Lower power consumption for signal boosting
-Low cost board material
-Compact size with high aggregate data rate

Centera’s technology breakthrough makes the semiconductor approach recognizable for optical communication industry. NREs is also available for customized applications of the single chip solution for on-board chip sets, intra-chip optical interconnects at ultra-high data transmissions.

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